Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Blah blah blah...."

*Scene - tutorial*
*class mate A reading stuff from the computer (as we do in every tutorial)*

Classmate A: "and then we have lots of other information..... blah blah blah..."
Classmate B: "Bob Loblaw!"
Me: "Hahaha..."
Rest of class: *silence*
Classmate C: "what?"
Me: "Arrested Development"
Classmate C: *shrug*
Me and Classmate B: *high-five*

People should watch Arrested Development.

If anything, it improves your quality of life by a couple of notches.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We always have food during tutorials, and we take turns to bring it every time. Today was my turn, and I thought I would try to let my classmates and tutor try some durian. So the day before, I went over to Woolworth's to get one. Kept seeing it when I did my grocery shopping last time, but never wanted to get it as my craving wasn't that bad, and it was quite dear. about $4+ per kg (with skin). My durian costs me almost $12.

So, I bought 1 durian and brought it to school without the skin. Wanted to show them the whole fruit, but i figured that it would be just too messy. Didn't see a need to impress anyone with my durian handling skills (or the lack of it).

I brought the stuff into our classroom during the break. It was sealed in an air-tight container so the smell didn't get out, until I opened it to let some of them have a whiff. And their reaction was priceless.... disgust epitomized. After that I sealed the container back. Some of the students went out of the classroom during the break, and when they came back, one of them remarked "Did someone fart?". =)

So we decided to have the durian after class..... and when the time came, I opened the container, 1/2 of the class just ran out. (Muhahah... more for myself). My tutor was the most sporting of all, as she consumed 1 WHOLE SEED. The few left just nibbled at it....

So much for trying to share the joy... but I guess it's not something for everyone's taste buds.

My housemate Chris eats the stuff... so I'll share it with him.

Incidentally, the foul smell that is reeked by durians is partly due to this (and not the BO from the guy in the picture below):

Thiol, one of the organosulfur compounds that may be responsible for the characteristic odour of durian (Thanks wiki).

Will have to have 1 session when I go back. 16 days more.

(All pics courtesy from wikipedia. It's my fav site now... helping me through school. gonna make a donation when (if) I graduate)

Monday, June 11, 2007

MS Office Ultimate (not)

Click to enlarge.....

It says "There are too many spelling or grammatical errors in to continue displaying them. To check spelling and grammar of this document, choose Spelling and Grammer from Review tab." [OK]


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Save the earth! part 2

Think it's a move in the right direction for shops in Sg to turn to using re-useable bags, and it's about time too. Can use the bag for other purposes too! like bring your pets around....

They have been doing it here for the longest time.

(Yah, lots of soft drinks.....=p)

Go green everyone!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Easy Mac

For those who are huge fans of the instant noodle.... try this.
Fast and tasty, good for suppers, snacks, and 2am studying.

Available there?