Saturday, July 12, 2008

Touch 'n Go

Back for the week in SG. The change was rather welcoming.

As usual, I packed my days here having breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, coffee, dinner, drinks, supper, mahjong, bomberman-ing, crabbing with friends/family, and the time in between appointments would be spent with Tabby (eq writing this now) and studying (or at least the attempt to).

Some of the quirks I kinda missed-but-not-really of SG life during this trip back:

- mandarin structured english
- manglish / engdarin / malanglish
- missing words from the sentence structure
- ever changing tone (as opposed to cresendo/decresendo)

Road culture
- perpetually speeding/over-taking cars
- que jumpers
- over modified korean/japanese cars
- white headlights
- paid parking
- rear windscreen cluttered with soft toys
- the "my life revolves around my car" lifestyle
- the never ending discussion on ERP

- the "get lost and gimme your table" stare
- the "dowan leh, you wait long long for my table" stare into oblivion
- al-fry-sco dining

It's still home.

And what's wrong with shaking hands? Hais...

And I'm back to the crawing board in 48hrs. See you in December.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Enter sandman

And kaypo man.
Southbank, Brisbane.