Monday, March 26, 2007

View from my balcony

Here's a view from the balcony from my place.

Click on it for a larger view, don't think you can see anything from this pic.

On the right lawn you see the locals engaged in lawn bowling games. Not too sure how the game is played, but I think you gotta bowl the ball so that it lands as near to the reference ball (target) as possible. Guess you can find out more on Wikipedia. (That's one of my most important sources of information for my school work =p) These folks take their game very seriously, check out their uniforms. They also have specially marked bowling balls... pink, yellow, blue, red/black, etc...

It has been really windy today, and it's probably below 20 deg C now... such a welcome.

Just love this place.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Power Ice Cream

Yeah literally.

This isn't a great picture, but the yellow stuff you see is actually red bull sorbet. Got it at the Gelatissimo here. Wonder whether Sg has this flavor.

And yes, it gave me wings... albeit frozen ones.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Save the earth!

From wireless....

To waterless....

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sorry guys, just been through a rough patch, was evicted from my previous place and had 1 week to move. Haven't felt that shitty in a long time.

Reason sited was that my sleeping patterns were not compatible with her (my landlady). I got this after running errands for her, fixing her garage remote, helping with computer stuff, cleaning up all the time, etc.

Luckily I didn't blog about that place. It was nice, but somehow I didn't really feel at home there.

Oh well, moving along.

So the evening I got the notice to leave, I packed up Tabby (laptop), Tortora (Textbook) and some snacks, and left for school. It was about 7pm then, and I could use the classrooms till 10pm.

When I reached school, I fired Tabby up and went to the internet to look for a room to rent. After looking at a few, I just tried my luck and called up one of them. Made arrangements to see the place at 9.30pm, and liked it a lot. Paid deposit and moved in a few days later. New housemate came with a huge-ass 4WD and I moved everything in 1 go, including the desk I bought.

Here it is:
My room. (just cleared it up for this shot... heh)

It has a great unobstructed view (which I can't show you as it is night time now), and it is very windy (<200m from beach), and large (previous room was smaller and the landlady had alot of her stuff inside, including 1 locked up cupboard and 60% of the wardrobe space being occupied, and no desk).

The kitchen.

There's a rice cooker. Hallelujah.

The living room.

All settled in now... *sigh of relief* =)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Cars are quite a big part of Southport, with heaps (Aust slang) of dealers crawling all over the place.

Used to walk past these everyday last time when I was staying at my old place.

One fine day.... or not.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Quirky quirks from the land down under #00004

This is one of my lecturers.

Burms, sneakers, beach shirt, sunnies on his head.

But don't be fooled. He's one of the best lecturers we had. Explaining things from simplistic viewpoints and working from there. And he loves to walk around and he engages students.

Instead of asking "Any questions?", lecturers should pose specific questions to student to make them think.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lub-dub... lub-dub...

Bring out the stethoscopes! =)

Clinical skills on Monday.
We learnt to take vital signs.

(the grey stethoscope above has 2 sets of ear pieces, so that 2 persons can listen in. Very handy for training purposes.)

It was quite fun as you can see...

That guy having his BP taken is Dr Bob. Medical Degree, Dentistry Degree, practiced 45 yrs. *kowtow* He tells lovely stories, and likes to take walks.

There was this baby who was born without eyelids, then the doctor suggested that the baby got circumcised and use that skin to make eyelids.
Mom: "Wouldn't my baby be cock-eyed?"
Doc: "No. He will have foresight."

Thanks Dr Bob.

Oh yes, you cannot take your own BP, as my classmate, Lauren found out. =)

North Stradbroke Island

Island exploration!

We went to North Stradbroke Island on Saturday.
Here's where it is on the map (island on the right of Brisbane).

We ferried our car over on a ferry (ah duh).

There's enough room for 65 cars apparently.
But I doubt that they ever hit max.

They had a nice lounge area on deck, air conditioned with a mini cafe. And the plasma of course.

The ride was about 40 mins and I was falling asleep during the ride (2.5 hrs zz the night before).

"Country road, take me home...."

"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...
just JKYL" zzz..

"Whoa, got see more beautifuler beach than this?!"
"Got! There..."

You are not seeing things. The sea is indeed tilted.

Another breathtaking view.

Sun down. Shadow long.
Adrian's brother, Gin Rong, caught some fish!
Free dinner! hehee.
And top shell dug out from the sand by the rest of us!
Seafood.. mm..

"Don't let the sun, go down on me...."
Fun day all round. Need more fun...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quirky quirks from the land down under #00003

Check this out.

There's one of this in most washrooms here.
This picture was taken in my school's gents.

Seems like needle use is pretty common there. I heard that they even had a 'Needle Exchange' program for needle users to trade in their used needles for new ones, to prevent HIV.

Detox 101

Think I'm in trouble.

How the heck am I going to finish all this before they go bad? Argh.

- 32 kiwis
- 9 passion fruits
- 8 huge peaches
- 8 bunches of broccoli
- 6 pears
- 3 mangoes
- 2 boxes of cheery tomatoes
- 1 box of blueberries

All this thanks to Adrian, who went to the fruit market earlier that day. As all typical Singaporeans would, he bought loads and loads of fruits and vegetables because they're cheap. And I got dumped with all this....

Oh well, I guess I'm long over due for a detox.

Kiwi juice anyone?? =|