Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All set..

Just received confirmation on my registration yesterday.
Paid the bond for my new accommodation, and signed the contract.
Moving in on New Years Day.

All I need now is some prata and kopi-o, watching EPL live with my buddies.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full Circle

Haven't done this in a while, and I think 'Yay!' deserves a reason for its name.

The past 2 years have been almost like a blur, but for the fact that time seems to go by a lot slower in Australia than in Sg. It's not just because life there in Gold Coast is more for the tourist rather than residents, but also I felt that I didn't really belong there. I just told myself that I’m in a situation where studying would be ideal, with the distraction kept to a minimum. However, distractions help to keep ones sanity. No man is an island.

I have achieved what I’ve set out to do after these years, but I think what was more meaningful was the journey, where I learnt things about myself, and my relationships with family and friends back home. Being away most of the time makes my time back home seem more concentrated and contrasted. The concentrated effect is somewhat like the ‘limited edition’ effect, i.e. not indefinite. Contrasting because I cannot help but juxtapose things around me here at home or over in Australia. To me, I see it as a win-win situation. Over here, I take advantage of all that I can (e.g. shopping for clothes, textbooks, food), and over there, I enjoy all the elements of life there that makes that place it one of the top destinations for immigrants (e.g. great weather, free parking).

It is contrasting also because I was away at a critical time where changes were happening at a furious pace here. Every time I’m back I see new buildings, new roads, my old hangout places gone, and a vastly changing social and demographic landscape. As I see the changes that are happening here being more detrimental to the less fortunate and not so well-to-do, it got me interested again about policies, politics and the keenly following all the new media channels for netizens to voice their opinions and reviews. I always try to see the reasoning from both sides, but some of the decisions that were made lately are just beyond comprehension.

I am asked quite often how come I don’t go for holidays. Being back home is a holiday in itself. Being is Australia is also like another holiday. Holidays all year round. Who can ask for more. Even when I start working there, I don’t think it will feel the same as working life here. I have seen how hard the junior doctors here have worked in TTSH while I was on attachment there. I don’t think that its’ much of a life. Work life balance there is very important, and I cannot wait to be part of the action (actually I can wait to start getting income again after 4 years…).

Ever since I have been away, I felt that everyone fussed about me a little more than I was comfortable with. I was ok with it at the start, and even initiated the gatherings. But as the years went by, I felt more like lying low and just taking it easy… but there will always be something happening, and I don’t disappoint. Sometimes I see going back to Australia as a much needed relief from everything. Hello serenity, my new old friend.

Nonetheless, it was nice to have the extended family come together today for dinner. It has been awhile since I saw some of them and it was heart-warming to see everyone having a good time. This would not have happened save my dad organizing it.

I have no regrets from the start about this decision, and I am glad that things are working out. I am also very grateful to everyone who supported me over the years, especially my family, and also my friends here and over there too. I would advise anyone to try living somewhere else if they haven’t already done so, even if it’s just for the sake of the experience.